Real love

Some people read stories about real love, and how couple are happy together, and they want that for their lives. And that’s normal. What I think isn’t normal is that they want it now and fast. True love kind lost it meaning because of the amount of “Real True Love Stories” you got books, movies, poetry, music, tv shows and the internet.

People are forgetting that find real love it’s very hard and complicated. They think that will be easy and natural, and the truth is that woun’t. True and real love is not about how easy it is, but how hard you want to dedicate yourself to the love that you have found.  The most important thing about love is dedication, you have to dedicate yourself to the other, and the other must dedicate him or herself to you.

Every relationship have problems, that’s normal, not having problems is the freaky thing. The trick is stop everything else and resolve the problem. Then you can go on and love. Love is about fighting and arguing, but is also about resolving problems and staying together.  That’s love.

Love is just measure by itself. Is’t not about the beauty, the thoughts, the likes or dislikes, the gender or the political views that the other have, but about who he really is. And that’s something you send a life time trying to understand. That’s love, is understand that you will try every day know who you are and who the person next to you, and know that you both will change, and love the person that you were and the person you are now.

You don’t love the body, the ideas, the beauty or the gender. You love the soul that lives inside. I’m not religious, I don’t believe in god or thing like that, for me soul is the something special that makes art, literature, music, big changes, little changes, the creativity that makes things, the one thing that make us humans.


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